The Creators Yoga Workshop

The Creator’s Workshop


“Yoga Studio 423”

Studio 423 features yoga sessions centered around meditation in Christ. Worship is at its truest form

when mind, spirit AND body align as one. We are called to glorify Him with our whole self and

through this, we draw closer to His heart. Low impact poses and deep breathing combined with soft

music and scriptural interludes create a perfect atmosphere of reflection for believers and nonbelievers

alike. Intentionally placing oneself in an environment promoting contemplation and whole

body health can only bring you closer to abiding in the abundance of His brilliance.

Ephesians 4:23

…And to be renewed in the spirit of your mind…



Good Things To Know

Our Facilities

Our facility is designed to make your practice of yoga as comfortable and enjoyable

as possible. Inside Studio 423 you will find a tranquil, peaceful space where you can

relax and take a rest from the hectic nature of your everyday life.

At Yoga Studio 423 you will also find:

• Towels

• Sanitized Mats (In case you forget yours)

• Bottled Water for replenishing fluids

Our Mats

We do have yoga mats, but we do recommend buying your own mat. You never

know it may even inspire you to practice your yoga at home!

Yoga Etiquette

There are a few basic courtesies that will make everyone’s experience at Studio 423

even more pleasurable. It would be beneficial to everyone if you could please abide

by these simple courtesies:

• Turn your mobile phone off before you come into the Studio.

• The area outside the door is the place to chat and catch up with friends, but

please keep your voices low if a class is in process.

• Many people like to spend a little time in the studio before class in quiet

reflection or preparation, so please respect this by remaining silent in the studio

while you wait for your class to begin. If you would like to chat, please do this

outside the Studio before you enter the class.

• Punctuality is important and classes will begin and end on time, so please

make sure you are in the studio when the class is due to start.

Are You New to Yoga?

If you are new to yoga you probably have a few questions about what to expect. Here are

a few tips.

Is This Your First Time?

If it is your first time at Studio 423, you will need to fill out a registration form, so please

arrive at least 15 minutes early to fill out the form. If you have health issues, you will need

to allow extra time to talk with your instructor before class so you are given the correct

guidance and advice during class.

What To Wear?

Whatever you are comfortable in. This could be shorts, leggings, tracksuits, loose pants,

T-shirts and crop tops. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. You will get

warm during class, so it’s a good idea not to wear clothes that are too heavy. You will cool

down after class, so make sure you have a layer of clothing you can put on when class is


What To Do When You Arrive?

Just come in the Studio, remove your shoes (yoga is practiced in bare feet). When you

enter the studio, just unroll your mat and either lie on your back or sit in a comfortable

position until the class begins. You may like to spend this time to prepare for the class by

closing your eyes and slowing and deepening your breathing.

What To Bring?

If you have a yoga mat, bring it along. If not, we have mats for you to use. For hygiene

reasons we encourage students to have their own yoga mat. You may want to bring along

a bottle of water to drink before or after class. It should not be necessary to drink during

class. If you are a bit of a sweaty yogi, you may also like to bring along a hand towel to

keep your hands / feet from slipping on your mat. (Do not hesitate to come if you forget

your mat, towel or water, we can provide those items for you)

What To Eat?

It’s important not to have a full stomach when practicing yoga. This may make you feel

uncomfortable and will limit the benefits you will receive from the class. It’s a good idea

not to eat anything for a couple of hours before class. It’s OK to drink before class, but try

to come to class with an empty stomach.


What do I wear? Whatever you are comfortable in. This could be shorts, leggings,

tracksuits, loose pants, T-shirts, crop tops. The most important thing is that you feel


How long is a class? All classes are 60 minutes.

Will yoga help me lose weight? It may, but not without changes to your diet and

lifestyle. You will need to make the commitment to make the effort to lose weight. Once

you have done that, then yoga can become an integral component of your weight loss


I’m not flexible can I still do yoga? Of course! How do you think those yogis you see

twisted up like pretzels got to be that flexible? Through practicing yoga! Even if you have

very limited flexibility, you will notice improvements in a short period of time.

How often should I do yoga? That depends — Once a week is good, twice a week

better, three times or more a week and you will really notice improvements to your health

and well being in a short period of time. It’s best to find a schedule that fits in with your

lifestyle so that your practice becomes a joy not a chore.

Is yoga good for stress? Absolutely. This is one of the most recognized and

scientifically verified benefits of yoga. There are many scientific studies that prove how

yoga reduces stress.

How does yoga work? Yoga is a unique form of exercise in that it works both the

muscles and joints of the body as well as the internal organs and glands. It quite literally

exercises you inside and out. This yogic double-whammy effect means that all the

systems in your body are encouraged to work more effectively and efficiently. This can

bring you improved health and well-being and increase your energy levels. Even after a

few sessions you’ll feel your body (and maybe even your mind) loosen up as you

increase your flexibility and stamina and find yourself becoming calmer and better able

to cope with the hectic nature of today’s living.


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