Our Ministry

Seeds from the Son was born from the desire to positively effect women in this country and all over the world and to promote, not only physical well being, but spiritual well being. As a blessed country, America has always been there to lend a hand to those in need, offering food, water, materials and labor where it’s needed the most.  The hope of all involved with Seeds from the Son is to boldly join the ranks…but with a twist.

The desire of the Christian nation is to spread the love of Jesus Christ. Giving of ourselves to meet physical deprivation while also declaring Christ’s love to others is the truest joy of our hearts. What we seem to forget is that although we are blessed believers, our own soul’s garden still needs frequent tending. We plant His seeds in others but forget to reseed ourselves. While giving is an opportunity to reflect on our own blessings, giving alone cannot fill a spiritual void. We are planted in His soil but thirst everday for His lifegiving water. Try as we may, devoting ourselves to our families, our church and our community drains us of our power to grow and can leave us barren of fruit. For this reason, we want to encourage any and all to attend our sessions. Feed a need with your donation, feed your mind with a hands on tutorial and feed your soul with a word God has specifically for YOU!!!

Because Seeds of the Son believes in the merit of many ministries/charities, each ticketed session/class benefits a different cause. We will share their goals and effects on the world prior to every class offered. And just as you know you’ve supported a worthy cause, you too will benefit from a time of  fun, fellowship, and inspiration so that you may go forth and yield a greater harvest in your own life with the Lord.

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